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several linear cuts and scratches on his forehead, right temple, sides of the front-of
the neck and back of the left hand. Most of these were almost parallel, and sornQ "were
crossing one another.

6. On the 28th December 1930, I examined a sweeper who complained that he was
struck with a razor by his opponent. He had several superficial cuts, varying from.
V to 4" by J" to 1/6", obliquely across the back of his right forearm in its upper half
and directed from within outwards. I gave my opinion that the cuts appeared to be

3. The Condition of the Locality and Surroundings of the wounded
Person.—The finding of a body in a room with the door and windows locked
on the inside points to suicide. If only the door is locked, the windows
should be carefully examined for the presence of bloody finger-marks or
other evidence that someone has escaped through them. The finding of a
far§^ŁelIJe±tar~-or evidence of a design is strongly presumptive of suicide.
A disordered state of the clothes with recent tears and loss of buttons and

Fig. 112.—Self-inflicted
wounds on abdomen.

(From   a  photograph   lent
kindly by Dr. H. S. Mehta.)

Fig. 111.—Self-inflicted wounds on forearm
(vide case 6 mentioned above).