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(4)   When a woman, who has filed a suit in court for breach of promise
of marriage or for seduction, claims to be pregnant.

(5)   When a woman blackmails a gentleman, and accuses him that she
is pregnant by him.

(6)   When a widow, or an unmarried woman,  or a married woman
living separate from her husband, has been  defamed *or libelled to be

(7)   When a woman alleges that she is pregnant in order to secure
greater compensation from some person or persons, through whose culpable
neglect her husband has died.

(8)  When pregnancy is alleged to have been a motive for suicide or
murder of an unmarried woman or a widow.   In such a case the dead body
has to be examined for the proof of pregnancy.

Fig. I3&—The typical breasts of a virgin.

(From a photograph lent kindly by
Dr. G. B. Sahay.)

Fig. 139.—The slightly pendulous breasts

of a recentiy_jaarried woman.

(From a photograph lent kindly by

J&r. G. B. Sahay,")


The signs of pregnancy in the living may be classified as subjective and
objective signs,


3.   Sya&$£%etic disturbances.

,         ,         i   /:4,1ji (^ici^alnfe1 , ,'t ]',"
s:— Tbis, is the first sign" of prege^cy, but it
,                                                       stich as

1   Cessation
2.   Morning

f '''';,   1   Cessa

i;canrioi be