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(for instance, heirship and tenancy by the courtesy) was abolished and
replaced by a simple code for the devolution of property upon the death Af
a person intestate.                                                                                                    ux

3.    Affiliation Cases.—These  are  the cases  which are  brought before
a  court for fixing  the paternity  of  an  illegitimate  child  upon  a certain
individual, as he is bound, under section 488 of the Indian Criminal Proce
dure  Code, to support his illegitimate  child which is unable to maintain
itself  irrespective of  age.2   A  Magistrate  of  the  first  class  may make
monthly allowance of any sum not exceeding fifty rupees on the whole for
the maintenance of such child.    In determining the amount of maintenance
luxury is not to be taken into consideration but only the necessaries of life'
viz. food, clothing and lodging.                                                                                '

>                                                                  l  '^

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<J6ubte-heaae& monster :  Front view showing the relation of the heads

to the body,
(From & ^fMofff^ph lent Mwdly b&Dr-H. S. Mehta.)

2.   Notes, 44

1943, -p, 28.