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not alive, it is akost certain that it is simply a case of blighted ovum
retained without decomposition,

6. Paternity,—In questions of illegitimacy, the paternity of a child may
be determined from the blood grouping test and from the resemblance of
its features, colour, voice, manner, etc., to those of the alleged father.
Diseases or deformities may be transmitted from parent to offspring, and
may serve as an important piece of evidence.

It is an accepted fact tkt where a woman marries a second time her
children may not resemble their father but the first husband of their mother.
Again, children may not resemble their parents at all and, therefore, the
absence of likeness of features or of transmitted peculiarities does not
disprove paternity nor prove illegitimacy. Moreover, cases of atavism occur
in which the child does not resemble its parents, but resembles its grand-