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318                                             MEDICAL JtJHISPH'DjDE^CE

and the community to which particularly the woman belongs. It is obvious
that a woman belonging to a labouring class who is accustomed to hard and
rough work will be able to offer a good deal of resistance and to deal blows
on her assailant and will thus succeed in frustrating his attempts at
violation. On the contrary, a woman belonging to a middle or rich class of
an educated family and not habituated to go about alone by herself will not
be able to resist for long and will soon faint or will be rendered powerless
from fright or exhaustion.

2^Can a woman be vMated during natoraLsleepJ?—It is impossible
for -complete^exual intercourse to be accomplished on a nubile virgin during
her natural sleep without her knowledge, as the pain caused by the first
act of coitus would certainly awaken her from sleep. iLJs, however,
possible, though indeed rare, for partial penetration, within the terms of the
law, to occur in a virgin without awakening her from sleep. It is also possible,
though highly improbable, for a woman to allow coitus during profound
sleep without her being conscious of it, if the genital parts are large and
accustomed to the intromission of the penis. Guy10 mentions the case of a
poor woman who complained of her sleep being so heavy that she was .with
difficulty roused and, by way of illustration, stated that her husband had
assured her that he had frequently had connection with her during sleep.

3. Can a womanj>e i*appd AiTfotg ^^^cipift^y^^i^^—^i^Tfirfi is no doubt
that rape can be committed on a woman without her being aware of the act
during catalepsy, syncope epileptic coma or mesmeric or hypnotic trance,
0r during unconsciousness produced by the administration of narcotic and
intoxicating or anaesthetic drugs. However, soon after recovery of con-
sciousness a nubile virgin would feel pain^ tenderness and dampness about
her private parts, and would probably find her underwears soiled with blood
or semen or with both. She is therefore bound to complain about her
€Q3adition to her relative or friend who happens to be near her, but her
story would be looked upon with suspicion, if she complained after the lapse
of some time that she was violated during the period of her unconsciousness.

When a woman complains to the police that she was given a narcotic
«frug, such as opium, dhatura, chloral hydrate or some other similar drug,
with the object of making her unconscious, she should be sent immediately
to a medical officer, who should examine her to Ascertain if she manifested
any signs of the ingestion of the alleged drug, and should inquire of her as
to how it was given to her and the symptoms she developed after taking it.
He shotdd also inquire when she developed unconsciousness and how long
she reuaained *& tfaat condition. "There would be inconsistencies in her
statement j£ her allegation was untrue.

With regard to the administration of an intoxicating drug, such as
alcohol or Wumg^ it is necessary to find out if the*woman had been
aeeostcTOi^ to the use of such a drug, artd if she had taken it voluntarily
faaet been forced to take ii It sometimes happens that a woman volun-
"V takes an intoxicating beverage in excess which affects her self-control
power cf judginent, when she permits her male companion to have
sexual connection: with her. But after its effects are worn off, she realizes
ter mistake, repents of her conduct and tries to lay all the blame at the
f of ber ecx&pamoDL.

.__ with the administration of an anaesthetic drug, such as
BOMB* be remembered that it is impossible to anaesthetize a
£ far wifl wHfe sine .fa awafee., Skrea a skilled anaesthetist

raptiies fee help rf <*»ar *&*«> aiss|^aij|$ to MS^' pgitieitt ipftab^y down on
ti» operataig table Appg 1be'first's^@& of anaes&etia alfeangli the patient

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