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320                                             MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE

3    A girl, 8 years old, was examined on the 22nd February 1921, as it was reported
that she had been raped by a young man.   The hymen was found intact.   There was a
laceration of the fourchette with redness of the right labium minus.

4    On the 28th April' 1930, I examined a girl, 5 years old, who was alleged to have
been raped on the previous day by a boy, 16 years old. The labia majora were swollen and
stained with blood.   The left labium minus was red, and there was a laceration along
the whole length of the right labium minus ; this laceration was continuous downwards
with a laceration of the  posterior commissure.    The  hymen was  red  and  congested.
The boy had redness and swelling over the lower part of the urethral opening, and had
an abrasion, 1 6" by 1/6", on the inner side of the prepuce (foreskin)  near the corona
gkndis on the right of the dorsum of the penis.

5.   MusEammat Sukhni, aged 12 years, was examined by me on November 29, 1932,
twenty-four hours after she had been raped by a male, aged 35 years.   Her labia minora
were red and inflamed, her hymen was torn on the sides and on the posterior part, and
the posterior wall of the vagina as also the posterior commissure were lacerated, each
to an extent of i" X '   The accused had no mark of injury to his genital organ.

6.    On December 31, 1932, a girl, 12 years old, of P.S. Alambagh, was brought to me
with a police report that rape had been committed upon her by her husband.    She had
almost circular marks of teeth-bites over her cheeks, breasts and the back of the right
forearm, and bruises over the front of both the thighs.    The labia majora and minora
were red and swollen*   The hymen was lacerated in the posterior part and the posterior
wall of the vagina was lacerated to an extent of f" X i".

False Charge of Rape on a Child.  One Mt. Thakurdevi, aged 8 years, was brought
to me as her father complained that rape had been committed on her. There was no
mark of injury to the private parts. The hymen was intact. There was slight redness
of the labia minora, which was probably due to irritation from dirt present on the vulva.

Rape with Gonorrhoea! Infection.!. In July 1920, one Ghulam Husein was charged
with having committed rape on Chhidami, a Brahmin girl of five years. On examination
there were no marks of injury to the genitals of the girl. Her hymen was intact The
labia minora were red and inflamed, There was a purulent discharge from the vaginal
orifice, which was found to be gonorrhoea!. The accused was found to be suffering from
gonorrhoea. He was convicted and sentenced.

2.   In February 1923, Jhuman, a Mahomedan cook, was charged with having com-
mitted rape on Ruth Violet, a Christian girl of six years*   The accused was found suffer-
ing from gleet which, on examination, showed a few gonococci,   On examining the girl,
the vulva, especially the lower part, was found red and swollen, and covered with a
ifokk purulent discharge emanating from the vaginal orifice.   On microscopic examination
tbe discharge showed a large number of gonococci.   The labia minora were red, inflamed
and painful to touch.    The hymen was  intact.    The accused  was found  guilty,  and
sentenced to rigorous imprisonment.

3.   In May 1927, one Din Mohammad, was charged with having committed rape on
one Mt, Kalpi, aged about 9 or 10 years.   On examination of the girl I found that the
hymen was intact, but the labia majora were swollen and the labia minora were red,
tenoW and excoriated.   There was a Hiick, whitish purulent discharge from the vaginal
canal which, om microscopic examination, was found to be due to gonorrhoea. The accused
was also examined by me and was found to have a chronic gonorrhoea! discharge from

4. la December 1932, oae Mt Jagdevi, 8 years old, was brought to the King George's
Boqpita! -$A a police report tJbat she was alleged to have been raped about 2 days ago.
k* exsmmai&m, Ifaece -were BO marks of injury to her private parts, but there was a
tffe^sfen oUsdbsEqge in tfee vagmal canal ; It showed the presence of spermatozoa and
gosioeocci Hauler ^& Bjticsoseope, Tfee accused was a boy of 18 years, vfho had a urethral
isiikli also stowed, under the microscope, a few gonococci as a result of

IB $ae toae issne^ of iise Mmm Medical Gazette, 1902, page 231, Powell relates the

KjHofWH^g cases ia wilicli infection was not communicated by illicit intercourse with a
person safieriBg from tihe venereal disease:

1*  Foxir saea bad coimectioii with the same prostitute who had a copious gonor-
steal disdbargev   Only owe f>ecame infected.

Se^eaa toc^ears fcad ctH3EBectkjn with a woman who had gonorrhcea.    Only two

ijas sneering iron* pcoos paidbes of ibe vulva.   A gentleman, who
fe*im~ l*er far six raoiAs, was greatly afa^ed when he discovered her
&m &e isefser stewofjeci aa^f onKe or symptoms of disease. ,
tte *& Sia^ffl m Negativing 4fe*b~-:t   In Ji% ISO, Mt Kamdevi, aged
9 fai% Mwle a re|i@rt:^ iiie^^aom | Malfeahail m ilwrdistrict of LucknoW