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322                                              MEDICAL JTJBISPRTOENCE

sudden the first man took out his dagger, threatened the other man with it not to
raise any alarm and committed rape on his wife He then murdered the woman by
striking her with the dagger on her throat and abdomen, and jumped into the nver
withthe dead body .—Bengal Chemical Examiner's Annual Report, 1939, p. 15.

Rape on a Bead Body.-— In the case of King-Emperor v. Bharat Sing Lodha, aged
18 years the accused, admitted in his confession before a Magistrate that he committed
sexual intercourse with one Musammat Ramdevi, aged 18, with her consent, but after
the act she began to upbraid him in a loud voice that she would be dishonoured if she
conceived and that she would defame him when she went back to the village Fearing
that she would certainly go to the village and defame him, he was very much enraged,
threw her down on the ground and killed her by giving three cuts with a khurpi on
her neck He had had sexual intercourse again with the dead body, and then dragging
the body threw it in a laha field.— Allah. High Court Crim. Appeal No. 519 of 1933.

Kape on Adult Women.— 1. In the District of Agra five men, seeing a young married
woman going alone on a road away from habitation, followed her and accidentally seizing
her round the body threw her on the ground, and flinging her dress over her violated
her During the struggle she received some scratches and bruises on the body but she
was" overpowered. All of them were arrested and convicted under section 376, LP.C.

2.   On the 29th October 1922, Mt, Brij Rani, a married woman of 18 years, was
carrying a bundle of hay on her head from one threshing floor to another, when Nanhe
Singh, a strong powerful man, rushing up from behind, pulled the bundle off her head,
and seizing her by the arm flung her down on the ground.    He then pulled up her
clothes and putting his hand on the mouth to prevent her from crying ravished her
until he had satisfied Jiis lust.   Her stifled cries, however, brought some people to the
place, and consequently the man ran away.    The woman was  examined  by me the
following day.   There were no marks of injury to the genitals.   The hymen was lace-
rated, and showed carunculas myrtiformes.   She had been used to sexual intercourse.
She had a linear scratch, one inch and a half long, across the left cheek caused probably
by a finger nail.   The accused was arrested on the fourth day of the occurrence and
was convicted and sentenced by the Additional Sessions Judge  of Lucknow to three
years' rigorous imprisonment.

3.   In his annual report for the year 1946, the Chemical Examiner of the United and
Central Provinces mentions a case where one R.A.F. Sergeant and his girl friend were
walking on a road in Jhansi, when they were attacked by three West African soldiers.
A struggle took place hi which both the sergeant and the girl were stabbed.   The girl's
knickers were also ripped off, and she was overpowered and raped.   Semen was detected
on the underwears of the girl and on those of the soldiers.

False accusation of Rape. — On the 12th February 1923, Mt. Lakhraji, a robust
kah&r widow of thirty years, reported at the City Magistrate's Court of Lucknow, that
on the previous evening she went in an ekka from Aminabad, and that near the Imperial
Bank building Mehtab AH, the ekka driver, stopping the ekka, lifted her up bodily, put
her on the ground in the compound and ravished her against her will and consent.
She had no marks of injury on her body nor were there any on the person of the accused,
who admitted that he held sexual intercourse with her consent, but that she brought a
complaint against Mm as he refused to pay her more than the sum equivalent to his
fare for the ekka. Hie Magistrate being convinced of the false accusation discharged
the accused.

2.   In July 1923, a deaf and- dumb woman was arrested by the police for having
stolen some  doth from  a cloth-merchant's shop.   When she  was  taken  to  the  City
Magistrate, Lucknow, she indicated by gestures that she had been raped by the merchant,
and the dkote which she was wearing had been stained with blood.   The woman was
dbessed Bke a mart in a dJioti and fcitrta, and had cropped hStir on her head.   She was
a strong woman of twenty-five years.   There were no signs of injury to the genitals or
any other part of the body.   The hymen was absent and represented by carunculse rnyrti-
ibirmes.   The vaginal canal was patulous and capacious.   She had a menstrual flow which
apparently iisad stained her d&oti.   It was afterwards ascertained that she was a regular
pro&fctlnte, and was convicted for having committed theft,

3.   On the 14Hi Jfaly 1923, lit. Dularia, 16 years old, of l&e Malihabad Police-Station
WBffefe^ ibat Bajrai Sing and Mahesh Sing went to her house on the night of the
12& J*ife Mfced tor up from her 'efem-poy, on which, she was sleeping, carried her to a
gDwajB of trees a^d fitmg her down on the ground.   Bajraj  Sing caught her by the
toads* <m& Ma&esli Slug, stuffing her mouth with sand to prevent her from crying for
feeiV vioiaiaa ber.   On ey^rnfttation I found slight redness of the left labium minus and
a ^smOte -<m Ite left side o£ the hymen which was otherwise intact   From evidence
at tte trial fee jmyms vaanvaoug? of opinion that the accused Mahesh Sing did have

{art he did so with her consent.   Accepting


?£ *c jury fte Sessksos Judge of I^idknow found the accused not guilty of
ofeiee Gorged aiad ae»tnttJe«l