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Buccal Coitus or Coitus per os (the sin of Gomorrah) falls within the
provision of, and is punishable, under section 377, I.P.C. In a case12
in which one Khanu was found guilty under section 377, I.P.C., of having
committed the sin of Gomorrah (Coitus per os) with a certain little child,
the innocent accomplice of his abomination, Kennedy, J.C., observed that
" there is no intercourse unless the visiting member* is enveloped at least
partially by the visited organism, for intercourse connotes reciprocity.
Looking at the question in tMs way it would seem that the sin of Gomorrah
is no less carnal intercourse than the sin of Sodom ".

Fig. 142.—Hijra (eimacE) with tbe
genitals cut off.

(From a photograph, lent kindly by
Dr. G. B. SahayJ

Fig. 143.—Hijra in female attire.

(From a photograph lent kindly b
Dr. G. B. Sahay.)

Sodomy prevails all over the world, and is sometimes practised between
two men who alternately act as active and passive agents. In India, there
is a particular community of Hijras who prostitute themselves as passive
agents. Hiey commonly dress as women, adopt feminine nicknames, and
iave their genital organs cut off usually in boyhood.

In a few cases that come for trial before a court of law, the active agent
5s usually a grown-up male, and the passive agent, a boy and occasionally a
girl or a wo&aan. Two cases of unnatural connection with a woman were
brought to me by tfae police in 1932. In one case the husband had com-
miited uanatural connection with his wife of 13 or 14 years of age. Her
was forai intact, Imt tbeare was a tear, J" X 1[6", obliquely along the
part of Hie aans to H*e left of the middle line and external to .the

131   Sfael

Court Crim. -App, No. 15 oi 192£; 26 Criminal Law