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As in rape, consent must be obtained before commencing a medical
exammiSon. The following signs may be discovered if the boy (passive
agent) is not accustomed to sodomy: —

1 Abrasions on the skin near the anus with pain in walking and on
defalcation, as well as during examination. These injuries are extensive
and well-defined in cases where there is great disproportion in size between
the anal orifice of the victim and the virile member of the accused. Hence
lesions will be most marked in children, while they may be almost absent in
adults, when there is no resistance to the anal coitus. These injuries, if
slight, heal very rapidly in two or three days. In most of the cases brought
before me I have seen superficial abrasions, varying from 1|6" to 1" X 1|6"
to J", external to the sphincter ani. In some cases there may be bruising
of the parts round about the anus, and the abrasions may extend into the
anus beyond its sphincter.

and an

The anus shows bruising round about its
ir part to the right of -the middle line.

2L Owing to fee strong contraction of the sphincter ani, the penis
rarely penetrates beyond am inch, and consequently the laceration produced
OR tfe mueous niOTfeaiie witiiin the anus with more or less effusion of blood
is tusua% tiiaiagtilaT m nature, having Its base at tfce anus and the sides
extending horizontally iawaepels into 4e rectum, I have found lacerations