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an. abrasion in the right posterior aspect of the anus, the sphincter of which was easily
dilatable. There was some purulent discharge which was found to be gonorrhoea! by
the pathologist to the King George's Hospital.

In July 1922, I examined a Hindu Hijrah, about 45 years old, who had received a
superficial cut along the left side of the head above the right ^ temple. On enquiry lie
admitted that a young man whom he had allowed to stay with him for the night, inflicted
the cut on his head. I examined him, and found a condylomatous growth round about
his anus.

-    Fig. US.óCase of a habitual passive agent.   The anus shows
" condylomata with a sanious purulent discharge.


No conclusive signs are evident, unless the man is examined soon after
the commission of the crime. In that case there may be an abrasion on the
prepuce, glans penis, or frsenum, and stains of fsecal matter may be found
on the penis or on the loin cloth or trousers. The peculiar odour of faecal
naatter persists for some time after the organ or the cloth is cleaned by
wiping *mless washed thoroughly with water. The presence of blood and
seminal stains Is only corroborative evidence but not positive. There may
be marks of violence on the body, if the passive agent is a grown-up boy,
and If the crime is perpetrated without his consent.

If the active agent is suffering from gonorrhcea or syphilis, the passive
agent should be examined for the evidence of either of these diseases.

In Bp^fes who are habitual sodomites the penis is sometimes elongated
and consigned at some distance from the glans with the twisted urethra,
probably owing to the constricting pressure exerted by the sphincter ani.
Tlsese peoiBarities may, however, be due to defective development. I have
mfy one case in which a teacher who was charged with having com-

ra an tmoatmai offence cm Ms pupil of about ten years was found to
tte body of his penis constricted in about its middle. He was proved