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330                                             MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE

the aniis or external genitals of the passive animal with effusion^ of blood
may be found. The presence of gonorrhoeal discharge in the vagina of an
animal, especially a she-ass, is a positive sign of bestiality, as gonorrhoea
does not occur naturally in such animals.

Among half-a-dozen cases of bestiality reported to me in Agra during
a period of eleven years, I could give a definite opinion only in one case
from identifying by microscopic examination the hairs of the passive animal
found under the prepuce3 on the thighs and on the loin cloth (dhoti) of the

A Mahomedan male, 23 years old, was caught committing an unnatural offence on
a she-ass at 3 pjn. on the 29th October 1927. He was medically examined in the King
George's Hospital, Lucknow, at 12 noon on the next day. He had no signs of injury
to his penis, but the smear taken of the urethra! discharge was found to contain pus
cells with very few gram-negative diplococci. . The smears of the material taken from
the vagina of the she-ass showed very few pus cells and a few human spermatozoa. The
animal had no mark of violence on or about the genitals.

In his annual report for the year 1951 the Chemical Examiner, Uttar Pradesh, cites
two cases of bestiality. In one case a man cohabited with a bitch. Human spermatozoa
were detected on his pyjamo, and on the slides having vaginal smear of the bitch. In
the second case a man committed bestiality on a cow. Some hairs picked up from the
dhoti of the accused were identified to be those of a cow. Human spermatozoa were
also detected on the dhoti.


The varieties of sexual perversion which require description are sadism,
masochism, fetichism and exhibitionism.

Sadism.—This is a form of sexual perversion in which the infliction of
pain and torture act as sexual stimulants. It may be practised by either
sex, but it is seen more commonly in males. In order to be relieved
sexually the sadist brands his sexual partner, bites her severely, flogs her
with a whip, beats her with a stick, inflicts cuts on her with a knife, or ill-
treats her in many other cruel ways. In extreme cases the sadist may
gratify his sexual desire by murdering a female, usually a child, without
violating her, even though very serious injuries caused by the hand may
be found on the genitals. Such a murder is known as lust murder. Dr.
U. S. Gupta reported to me a case of lust murder in which the victim
was a girl, aged 7 years. She was murdered by fatal incised wounds on
the neck. At the same time incised wounds were inflicted on the lower
part of the abdomen, the symphysis pubis was cut off, and the external
genitals had been removed and thrown away. It must be borne in mind
that every murder committed during a sexual act is not a lust murder. It
may have been caused through anger, jealousy, revenge or any other motive.
Rarely, a sadist is impelled to the most repulsive act of violating the body
soon after murdering a female, or he cuts open the body, tears out the
genitals or otiber organs and devours the flesh to obtain sexual pleasure.
This appalling aberration of a sexual pervert is called necrophagia. Fortu-
nately such a case has not been reported in India.

HasodiisHL—"Hiis is the opposite of sadism. In this form sexual grati-
fication is sought from the desire to be beaten, tormented or humiliated by
©ueys sexual partner. It is generally found in males, but it may occur in
females who may invite their lovers to subjugate them by inflicting injuries
on ilaeir^ persons, Ttie masochist experiences pleasure and voluptuousness
culminating even in onanism when he writes anonymous obscene letters or
when he allows himself to be abused, insulted or ill-treated by a woman.

^ F€tfa4is».--lll*23 form ol sexual perversion is found in males only.   The

feUcfaisfc experiences semal excitement leading to orgasm from some part
of lie body of a wotaaa or some article belonging to her, e.g. shoe, body
finea «r wearing apfj^ei He tisuafly comes in conflict with the law, as he