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ABNORMAL SEXUAL                                                               .331

often exposes Ms perversion as soon as lie sees the object of Ms fetich. In
his annual report for the year 1938S the Chemical Examiner of Bengal
describes the case of a young servant of a European lady who, on the
pretext of cleaning and arranging her dressing room, would enter It every
morning after she left it, and would use her pyjama for exciting Ms sexual
appetite until he would discharge and wet it with semen. He was at last
found out and dismissed from service.

Exhibitiotusin.—This act consists of the indecent exposure of the genital
organs in public mostly by males to women, girls or children of either sex.
It is often accompanied by lewd gestures and even masturbation may be
indulged in. In some cases the act is impulsive and spontaneous, while in
other cases it is premeditated and the male organ is exposed even in an
erectile position.

ExMbitionisni is a criminal act. It is included in an obscene act, and is
punishable under section 294 of the Indian Penal Code (vide Appendix IV).

A  majority  of   the   exMbitionists   are  psychopathic   and   suffer  from

alcoholism, epilepsy, senile dementia, general paralysis of the insane or some
other abnormal mental condition. It is, therefore, advisable to order a
thorough mental investigation before punishment is inflicted on them.