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364                                             MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE

at night with the result that she murdered the child.    She was tried and sent t   *v
Agra Asylum under section 471 of the Criminal Procedure Code.3                                me

6. Lucid Interval.— This is a period occurring in the course of mental
disease, during which there is complete cessation of the symptoms of
insanity, so that the individual can judge his acts soundly, and become
legally liable for his deeds. In criminal cases it is, however, safer not to
regard such an individual responsible for any offence, for it is sometimes
very difficult to judge whether he was suffering from some mental aberration
at the time of committing the offence. Lucid intervals are commonly met
with in melancholia and mania.


The causes of insanity are classified as predisposing and exciting.
Predisposing Causes.— The predisposing causes of insanity are—'

1.   Heredity.

2.    Marriages.

3.    Impaired vitality.

4.    Absence of moral -training and good breeding.

1 Heredity— This is the most frequent cause of insanity. The tendency
to inherit insanity depends largely upon the condition of the parent at the
^*rf Fronton. £ is mherited more through the mother than through
the father and may show atavism as in other diseases. It is not necessary
that the offspring of an insane person should show signs of insanity It mav
only show some nervous disorders in the form of nervous

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