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3.   Anomalies of Extreffi&ties.  These are manifested by unduly long
arms, the occurrence of supernumerary fingers or toes, flat feet and the
absence of hypothenar and thenar eminences.

4.    Sexual Abnormalities,  There may be hairiness of the whole body
and, due to the precocious development of the penis, the patient may get into
the habit of self-abuse.


The various forms of insanity may, for medico-legal purposes, be
classified as 

1.    Amentia.

2.    Dementia.

3.    Acute insanities.

4.    Insanity associated with nervous diseases.


Amentia is called " dementia naturalis " by lawyers, and results from
arrested development of the brain before birth or in early childhood. It
includes chiefly the types of insanity, known as idiocy, imbecility, feeble-
mindedness and cretinism.

Idiocy.  This is a congeni-
tal condition, due to the
defective development of
the mental faculties. All
grades of this condition
exist from the helpless life
of a mere vegetable orga-
nism to one which can be
compared with the life of
young children, as far as
mental development is con-
cerned. An idiot is wanting
in memory and will-power,
is devoid of emotions, has
no initiative of any kind, is
unable to fix attention on
any subject and '"is unable
to guard himself against
* common physical dangers ".
He is usually quiet, gentle
and timid, though he can be
easily irritated. He cannot
express himself by articu-
late language, but lie may
be able to make himself
"understood by certain signs,
cries or sounds. In some
cases he is able to recognize
his relatives and learn with
g*j -difficulty. He is usual-
ly nithy in ms hamts, and!
has no concern as to wbat he eats or drinks, He is very often depraved in
, and is sotaetijDQes cruel to weaker children as well as

354.~Case of Idiocy : Is listless and energic with


^ *H*ere is^always sotae bodily deformity or peculiarity, such as a small
large  (macroceptialie, hydrocepfaalie)  or jnfeshap^i head,