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I, THE undersigned  (here enter name and official designation), hereby certify that

I on titie  .............. day of ...................... at .....................  personally

examined  (here enter name of leper), and that the said ................................

is a leper as denned by the Lepers*   (Amendment)  Act, 1920, and that I have formed
this opinion on the following grounds, namely,—

(Here state the grounds.)

Given tinder my hand this  .............. day of  .......................... 19----

Inspector of Lepers.


Under the Workmen's Compensation Act, 1923 (Act VIII of 1923) as
amended upto 1942, an employer is liable to pay compensation to a workman
employed on monthly wages not exceeding three hundred rupees, if per-
sonal injury is caused to him by accident arising out of and in the course of
his employment provided that the employer is not so liable—

(a)   in respect of any injury which does not result in the total or partial
disablement of the workman for a period exceeding seven days;

(b)   in respect of any injury, not resulting in death, caused by an acci-
dent which is directly attributable to—

(i) the workman having been at the time thereof under the
influence of drink or drugs, or

(ii) the wilful disobedience of the workman to an order expressly
given, or to a rule expressly framed, for the purpose of secur-
ing the safety of workmen, or

(iii) the wilful removal or disregard by the workman of any safety
guard or other device which he knew to have been provided
for the purpose of securing the safety of workmen.

If a workman is killed from an accident arising out of and in the course
of his employment, his dependants will be entitled to compensation for his
death. The Act further provides that if a workman employed in any
employment specified in the following Part A of Schedule III contracts any
disease peculiar to that employment or if a workman, whilst in the service
of an employer in whose service he has been employed for a continuous
period of not less than six months in any employment specified in the follow-
ing Part B of Schedule III, contracts any disease specified therein as an
occupational disease peculiar to that employment, the contracting of the
disease shall be deemed to be an injury by accident for purposes of compen-
sation, and, unless the employer proves the contrary, the accident shall be
deemed to have arisen out of and in the course of the employment: —

Schedule III, List of Occupational Diseases

Occupational diseases.




Compressed air illness or its sequelae.
Poisoning by lead tetra-ethyl.

Poisoning by nitrous tones.

Any employment—

(a)  involving   the   handling   of   wool,
hair, bristles or animal carcases or
parts   ol   such   carcases,   including
hides, hoofs and horns; or

(b)  in connection with animals infected
with anthrax; or

(c)  involving the loading or unloading
or transport of any merchandise*

Any process carried on in compressed air.
Any process  involving the use of lead

Any process involving exposure to nitrous