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POISONS AND THEIR MEDICO-LEGAL ASPECTS                             429

Phenylethylhydantoin; its salts; its acyl derivatives; tiaeir salts,

Phosphorus yellow.

Picric acid, except substances containing less than 5 per cent picric acid.


Pituitary gland, the active principles of.

Potassium, hydroxide, except substances containing less than 12 per cent, weight in
weight, of potassium hydroxide.

Procaine, salts of.

Sodium hydroxide, except substances containing less than 12 per cent, weight in
weight, of sodium hydroxide.

Strophanthus, glycosides of strophanthus.

Sulphonal; alkyl sulphonals.

Sulphuric acid, except substances containing less than 9 per cent, weight in weight,
of sulphuric acid-
Suprarenal gland, the active principles of; their salts.
,   Thallium, salts of.

Thyroid gland, the active principles of; their salts.

Tribromethyl alcohol.

Zinc Chloride.

A person holding a licence to sell, stock and exhibit for sale and distri-
bute these poisons is required to observe the following conditions among
others (Rule 65, clauses 1 to 15) : 

Any poison or any preparation containing a poison and any drug
supplied on the prescription of a registered medical practitioner must, 5
compounded or made up on the licensee's premises, be compounded or made
up by or under the supervision of a qualified person.5

The supply of any drug on a prescription must be recorded at the time
of supply in a prescription register specially maintained for the purpose and
the serial number of the entry in the register must be entered on the pres-
cription. The following particulars must be entered in the register: 

(a)  serial number of the entry;

(b)  the date of supply ;

(c)  the name and address of the prescriber;

(d)  the name of the patient;

(e)  the name of the poison or preparation and the quantity or, in the
case of a medicine made up by the licensee^ the ingredients and the
quantities thereof;

(f) if the drug is an injectable preparation, the name of the manufac-
turer, the batch number and the date recorded on the container,
label, or wrapper as the date upto which the substance may be
expected to retain a potency not less than or not to acquire a toxi-
city greater than, that required or permitted by the prescribed test;

(#) the signature of the qualified person by or under whose supervision
the medicine was maide up and supplied :

Provided that if the medicine is supplied on a prescription on which the
medicine has been supplied on a previous occasion, it must be sufficient if
the entry in the register includes a serial number, the date of supply, the
quantity supplied and a sufficient reference to an entry in the register
recording the dispensing of the medicrae on a previous occasion.

5. A qualified person means a person who holds a degree or diploma in pharmacy or
pharmaceutical chemistry of an Institution approved by the licensing auth$Ejifcyv w & a
member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain or has had npi less ififeam'foia:
years' practical experience of dispensing which is in ihe opinion of fee Beerisfag authority
adequate, and has been approved by that authority as a qualified