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Test—Digest the seeds or the suspected material for about half-an-hour
in warm rectified spirit, filter and evaporate on an open water bath to dry-
nesl Rub the residue with about half-a-drachm of distilled water acidulated
with sulphuric acid and evaporate to dryness on the water bath. Take up
the residue with a few drops of distilled water, and instil a drop of' th*s into
the eye of a cat. After about half-an-hour the pupil will be found dilated.

Fig. 183.—A. Datura seeds X 3.

B. Capsicum seeds X 3.

Fig. 184.—Microphotograph of Section of Datura seed showing embryo.

Medico-Legal Points.—Datura is commonly used in India for criminal
purposes. The seeds are generally used by road poisoners to stupefy
travellers to facilitate robbery and theft and rarely to destroy life, although