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by Hindu worshippers.   It has lanceolate leaves and has a two follicled fruit
which contains numerous seeds.

All parts of the plant are poisonous. S. R. Naidu and his co-workers 21
have isolated from the plant an active principle, nerin, (Ca5H3oO10), which
is a pure, white, crystalline glycoside. It is sparingly soluble in water, ether,
petroleum ether and benzene, but dissolves readily in alcohol, acetone and

Fig. 195.Nerium Odorum.

chloroform, and melts at 123C, It is highly poisonous, and when injected
into the dprsal lymph sac of a frog, it produces paralysis and death. The
average minimum fatal dose for a frog weighing about 10 grammes is one-
fiftieth of a milligramme. Eight milligrammes injected into the abdomen of

21.   Madras Chem. Examiner's Annual Rep., 1937, p. 8; Jottr. and Proceedings of
Institution oj Chemists (India), Vol. XV, Dec. 1943, pp. 134-144.