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Questions that may be put to a Medical Witness in a case of Suspected Poisoning
after Post-mortem Examination of the Body

1.   Did you examine the body of                     , a late resident of                    , and
if so, what did you observe ?

2.   What do you consider to have been the cause of death ?   State your reasons,

3.   Did you find any external marks of violence on the body ?   If so, describe them.

4.   Did you observe any unusual appearances on further examination of the body ?
If so, describe them.

5.   To what do you attribute these appearances; to disease, poison or other cause ?

6.   If to poison, then to what class of poisons ?

7.   Have you formed an opinion as to what particular poison was used ?

8.   Did you find any morbid appearances in the body besides those which are
Usually found in cases of poisoning by..........?   If so, describe them.

9.   DO you know of any disease, in which the post-mortem appearances resemble
those which you observed in this case ?

10.   In what respect do the post-mortem appearances of that disease differ from
those which you observed in the present case ?

11   What are the symptoms of that disease in the living?

12.   Are there any post-mortem appearances usual in case of poisoning by........

but which you did not discover in this instance ?

13.   Might not the appearances you mention have been the result of spontaneous
changes in the stomach after death ?

14.   Was the  state of the stomach and bowels compatible or incompatible with
vomiting and purging?

15.   What are the usual symptoms of poisoning by.......,........?

16.   What is the usual interval between the time of taking the poison and the com-
mencement of the symptoms ?

17.   In what time does............generally prove fatal ?

18.   Did you send the contents of the stomach and bowels (or other matters) to th«
Chemical Examiner?

19.   Were the contents of the stomach, (or other matters) sealed up in your pre-
sence immediately on removal from the body ?

20.   Describe the vessel in which they were sealed up, and what impression did the
seal bear ?

21*   Have you received a reply from the Chemical Examiner?   If so, is the report
now produced that which you received ?

22,   (If a female adult) what was the state of the uterus ?


Questions that may be put to a Non-professional Witness in a case
of Suspected Poisoning

1.   Did you know                 ', a late resident of                 ?   If so, did you see him
during his' last illness and previously ?

2.   What are the symptoms from which he suffered?

3.   Was he in good health previous to the attack ?

4.   Did the symptoms appear suddenly?

5.   What was the interval between the last time of eating or drinking and the com-
mencement of the symptoms?

If Death occurred

6.   What was the interval between the commencement of the symptoms and death ?

7.   What did the last meal consist of ?

8.   Did anyone partake of this iheal with..............?

9.   Were any of them affected in the same way ?

10.   Had he ever suffered from a similar attack before ?

If any of the following symptoms have been omitted in answer to question 2, special
questions (11-14) may be asked regarding them as follows:—11. Did vomiting occur?
12, Was there any purging ?