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752                                              MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE

9    Did you examine the person of the accused?

10.   Did you observe any marks of violence upon his body I

11.   Was he suffering from any venereal disease ?

12.   Did you find the woman to be suffering from a  similar or  other venereal

1Seai3* Had a sufficient time elapsed, when you examined the person of the woman,

for venereal disease to have made its appearance, in case of her having been infected?

14.   Can you state approximately how long the accused had been suffering from

S IT^Can you state approximately how long the woman had been suffering from
this   (venereal)   complaint?                                                                                 .

16.   Have you examined the stained articles forwarded to you and now in Court
(No............of police charge sheet) ?

17.   What is the result of your examination ?

18.   Do you believe that rape has been committed or not ?   State your reasons.

Questions that may be put to a Medical Witness In a case of Insanity

1.   Have you examined......?                         .

2.   Have you done so on several different occasions, so as to preclude the possibility
of your examination having been made during lucid intervals of insanity ?

3.   Do you consider him to be capable of managing himself and his personal affairs ?
4!   Do you consider him to be of " unsound mind"; in other words intellectually

5.   If so, do you consider his mental disorder to be complete or partial ?
B!   Do you think he understands the obligation of an oath ?

7.   Do you consider him in his present condition, competent to give evidence in a
Court of Law ?

8.   Do you consider that he is capable of pleading to the oJfitence of which he now
stands accused ?

9.   Do you happen to know how he was treated by his friends   (whether as a
lunatic, an imbecile or otherwise) prior to the present investigation and the occurrences
that have led to it ?

10.   Is he subject to insane delusions ?

11.   If so, what is the general character of these ?   Are they harmless  or dan-
gerous ?   How do they manifest themselves ?

12.   Might such delusion or delusions have led to the criminal act of which he is
accused ?

13.   Can you discover the cause of his reason having become affected ?    In your
opinion was it congenital or accidental ?

14.   If the latter, does it appear to have come on suddenly, or by slow degrees ?

15.   Have you any reason for believing that his insanity is of hereditary origin ?
If so, please specify the grounds for such an opinion; and all the particulars bearing on
it as to the insane parents or relations of the accused; the exciting cause of his attack j
his age when it set in; and the type which it assumed,

16.   Have you any reason to suspect that he is, in any degree, feigning insanity?
If so, what are the grounds for this belief?

17.   Is it possible, in your opinion, that his insanity may have followed the actual
commission of his offence, or been caused by it ?

18.   Have you any reason to suppose that the offence could have been committed
during a lucid interval during which he could be held responsible for his act ?   If so,
what appears to you to have been the duration of such lucid interval ?   Or, on the con-
trary, do you believe his condition to be such as altogether to absolve him from legal
responsibility ?

19.   Does he now display any signs of homicidal or of suicidal mania or has he
ever done so to your knowledge ?

20.   Do you consider it absolutely necessary, from his present condition, that he
should be confined in a mental hospital ?

i. .21; ^ yu tkijjk to** Judicious and unremitting supervision, out of a mental
hospital, might be sufficient to prevent him from endangering his own life or the pro-
perty of others?


Questions that may be put to a Medical Witness in a case of
Alleged Causing Miscarriage

1.   Did you examine the person of Musammat..........?   If So, when ?   What did

you observe ;

a   Are you of opinion that a miscarriage has occurred or not ?   Give your reasons,