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APPENDIX I                                                      753

3.   In what mode do you consider the miscarriage to have been produced, whether
by violence per vaginam or by external violence, or by the use of irritants internally?
Give your reasons.

4.   It is alleged that a drug called............was used.   State the symptoms and

effects which the administration internally of this drug would produce.   Do you con-
sider that it would produce miscarriage ?

5.   Can you state whether the woman was quick with child when miscarriage was
produced ?    State your reasons.

6.   Did you see the foetus ?   If so, at what period of gestation do you consider the
woman to have arrived?

Questions that may be put to a Medical Witness in a case of Grievous Hurt

1.   Have you examined......?   If so, state what you observed.

2.   Describe carefully the mark of violence which you observed.

3.   In what way do you consider the injuries to have been, inflicted?   If by a
weapon, what sort of weapon do you think was used?

4.   Do   you  consider  that the injuries  inflicted  could have been caused by the
weapon now shown to you ( the police charge sheet) ?

5.   What was the direction of the wound, and can you form, an opinion as to the
position of the person inflicting such a wound with respect to the person receiving it?

6.   Is it possible for such a wound to have been inflicted by anyone on his own
person?   Give your reasons.

7.   Do you consider that the injuries inflicted constitute any of the forms of "griev-
ous hurt" denned in S. 320 of the Indian Penal Code ?   If so, which of them ?   Give
your reasons.   The Magistrate in putting this question "will show the Indian Penal Code
to the witness or the Magistrate may vary the form of the question so as to elicit the
required information without calling the witness's attention to the Code.

8.   Do you consider that the person injured is now out of danger?

9.   It is alleged that the injuries were caused by........ Could they have been

caused in the manner indicated?

10.   Have you chemically or otherwise examined the stains on the weapon, clothes,
etc. now before you ( the police charge sheet) ?

11.   Do you believe the stains to be those of blood?

N.B.—In case of the injuries being gun shot wounds, questions 21 to 24 under
the head of No. Ill (Death by wounds) may be put to, the witness.


Questions that may be put to a Medical Witness in a case of
Death, from the Rupture of Spleen

1.   What appearances of external violence were perceptible on the body?

2.   What was the size and weight of the spleen after death ?

3.   How far did it project beyond the ribs?

4.   What was the consistency of the spleen—hard, firm, soft, pulpy or diffluent?

5.   How long after death was the body exhumed, and what was the temperature of
the air?

6.   Was the body much putrefied ?

7.   What was the position of the rupture ?

8.   What was the length and depth of the rupture ?

9.   Is it your opinion that rupture was caused by external violence or not ?   State
your reasons or your opinion.

10.   Were there any adhesions about the spleen, if so, were they older than the
rupture or not?