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jft                                       CONTENTS.

and Spectacle-Trip to Gravesend and Chatham — Disagreeable
recognition of a good-humoured friend, and an agreeable mode of
journeying recommended to all Travellers....., . 57



An extraordinary circumstance concerning himself, with another
extraordinary circumstance concerning his Grandfather—Specimen
of a laconic epistle, and an account of two interviews with Mr.
Hughes, in the latter of which a benevolent gentleman is duly re-
warded for his trouble—Preparations for his marriage—Fatiguing
.....3 Theatre . .'.......73



Tribulations connected with "Old Lucas," the constable, with an
account of the subsequent proceedings before Mr. Blamire, the
magistrate, at Hatton Garden, and the mysterious appearance of a
fiver staff—A guinea wager with a jocose friend on the Dartford
Boad—The Prince of Wales, Sheridan, and the Crockery Girl . 89

1798 to 1801.

Partiality of George the Third for Theatrical Entertainments—
Sheridan's kindness to Grimaldi—His domestic affliction and severe
distress—The production of Harlequin Amulet a new era in Panto-
EttJme—Pigeon-fenoying and Wagering—His first Provincial Excur-
&fm with Mrs. Baker, the eccentric Manageress—John Kemble and
$e# Davis, with a new reading—Increased success at Maidstone and
OMttarbury—PoMte interview with John Kemble . . . , 108

1801 to 1803.

Hard work to counterbalance great gains—His discharge from
Dmry Lame, and his discharge at Sadler's Wells—His return to the
imnwhottse—Monk Lewis—Anecdote of him and Sheridan, and of
Sheridan and the Prince of Wales—Grimaldi gains a son and loses
all his capital................ J2imoirs has felt it necessary to