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CONTENTS.                                                XV


1816 to 1817.

He quits Sadler's Wells in consequence of a disagreement with
the Proprietors—Lord Byron—Retirement of John Kemble—Im-
mense success of Grimaldi in the provinces, and his great gains—A
scene in a Barber's Shop.............270


More provincial success—Bologna and his economy—Comparative
dearness of Welsh Hare-bits and Partridges—Remarkably odd modes
of saving money...............283


1817 to 1818.

Production of "Baron Munchausen"—Anecdote of Ellar the Har-
lequin, showing how he jumped through the Moon and put his hand
out—Grimaldi becomes a Proprietor of Sadler's Wells—Anecdotes
of the late Duke of York, Sir Godfrey Webster, a Gold Snuff-box,
his late Majesty, Newcastle Salmon, and a Coal Mine . , . 292


1818 to 1823.

Profit and Loss—Appearance of his Son at Covent Garden—His
last engagement at Sadler's Wells—Accommodation of the Giants in
the Dublin Pavilion—Alarming state of his health—His engagement
at the Coburg—The liberality of Mr. Harris—Rapid decay of Gri-
maldi's constitution, his great sufferings, and last performance at
Covent Garden—He visits Cheltenham and Birmingham with great-
success—Colonel Berkeley, Mr. Charles Kemble, and Mr. Bunn 304


1823 to 1827.

Grimaldi's great afflictions augmented by the dissipation and
recklessness of his Son—Compelled to retire from Covent Garden
Theatre, where he is succeeded by him—New Speculation at Sadler's
Wells—Changes in the system of Management, and their results—
—Sir James Scarlett and a blushing Witness......319glary—Its, result ................ 186................ J2imoirs has felt it necessary to