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2                         MEMOIKS OF JOSEPH GEOOIDI.

above the stage doors; and one of the glass drops was struck
with some violence against the eye or countenance of the Turkish
Ambassador aforesaid. The dignity of this great personage
being much affronted, a formal complaint was made to the
Court of Prance, who gravely commanded "Iron Legs" to:
apologize, which "Iron Legs" did in due form, to the great
amusement of himself, and the court, and the public ; and, in
short, of everybody else but the exalted gentleman whose person,
had been grievously outraged. The mighty affair terminated
in the appearance of a squib, which has been thus translated :—

Hail, Iron Legs! immortal pair,

Agile, firm knit, and peerless,
That sMm the earth, or vault in air,                                   :

Aspiring high and fearless.
Glory of Paris! outdoing compeers,

Brave pair! may nothing hurt ye;
Scatter at wfll our chandeliers,

And tweak the nose of Turkey.
And should a too presumptuous foe

But dare these shores to land on,
His well-kicked men shall quickly know

We've Iron Legs to stand on.

This circumstance occurred on the Prench stage.   The first
Grimaldi* who appeared in England was the father of the sub-

* Giuseppe Grimaldi was really " Iron Legs j'" of the grandfather no parti-
mflars are known.   The father of our Joe was originally a pantomime actor > at
•fts-feirs in Italy and Eranee, at the time these fairs supplied the French, Theatre
est dancers that hare conferred distinction on that stage.
t in England was at the King's Theatre in the Haymarket,
nd of ballet proving attractive, similar dances were intro-   ',
iteed eaiJp in the season 1753,1759, on the boards of Drury Lane and Oovent
Gw<Iein.*Ehesfees.  At the former, tinder Garriek's management, a new panto-   '•
safeae dance, entitled "The Millers," was performed for the first time, October   !
iSSh, VK; in wMeh Signer Grimaldi, it was announced, made his first appear-   !
•MB oa the English Stage.   A writer in the "London Chronicle," in'reference   •
to ftis pi«e, observes, as regards the debutant—" Grimaldi is a man of great
gfeeogth aad agility s he indeed treads the air.   If he has any fault, he is rather
teoeomksl; sndrrom some feats ofhis performing, whiehlhave been awitness   :
ta» a* tfc King's Theatre, in the Haymarket, those spectators will see him, it is   :
any w^moa, with most pleasure, who are least solicitous whether he breaks Ms