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4                          MEMOIRS OP JOSEPH GKIMAEDI.

Ms old capacity. In those days of minuets and cotillions, private
dancing was a much more laborious and serious affair than it is
at present; and the younger branches of the nobility and gentry
kept Mr, Grimaldi in pretty constant occupation. In many
scattered notices of OUR Grimaldi3 s life, it has been stated that
the father lost his situation at court iu consequence of the rude-
ness of his behaviour, and some disrespect which he had shown
the Ebag; an accusation whichhis son always took very much to
heart, and which the continual patronage of the King and
Queen, bestowed upon frim publicly, on all possible occasions,
sufficiently proves to be unfounded.

paM during the whole season, but for certain periods; in the interim they were
eaployed, tinder certain restrictions, at other places of amusement. Those
bekai|pag to Dnny Lane, in Garrick's time, were in the summer months, and
from Easter to Michaelmas attached to Sadler's "Wells • and in the bills which
Mttotmoed the opening of that suburban theatre, at Easter, 1763 and 1764,
g%nor Grimaldi appears as Maitre de Ballet, and chief dancer. On May 1, in
the latter year, Grimaldi, and an English dancer named Aldridge, of considerable
eminence in Ms profession, jointly had a benefit; Bhakspeare's " Tempest"
ww performed, as also the pantomime of "Fortunatus," Harlequin, by Signor
SrjjwM. In the September of the same year, at Sadler's Wells, the Signor
tad swAer benefit; the bill of the evening is subjoined;



JLI SADKBB'S •WEEDS, ismraioif.

On Wednesday, September 19,1764, will be exhibited a Variety jjf Wey



JJaacmgboth serious and comic, TO.:—1. "The MiUer's'Dance," by Signor

Bwal, Signor Amoire, SignoraMereucins, Mrs, Preston, and others.—%, " The

(Beauiton," by Signor Grimaldi, Signor Amoire, Miss Wilkinson, and others.

-4k **!$» Cotmtry Wedding," by Signor Duval, Signor Amoire, Signora Mer-

'Codas, Miss Wilkinson, and Signor Grimaldi, and others.

And by particular desire, for that night only,

A Double Hornpipe by Master Cape and Miss Taylor.

fnmWmg by Mr, Sturgess, Signor Pedro, and Mr. Garmau.

Singing by Mr. Prentice, Mr. Cooke, and Miss Brown.

With, a variety of Curious Performances by


The Wire by Master Wilkinson,
nafeal 6-ksses by Miss Wilkinson, accompanied by Master Wilkinson;ippanta, Mrs.