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were compelled to give up their comfortable establishment, and
to seek for lodgings of an inferior description. His mother
knowing a Mr. and Mrs. Bailey, who then resided in Great
"Wild-street, and who let lodgings, applied to them, and there
they lived, in three rooms on the first floor, for several years.
The brother could not be prevailed upon to accept any regular
engagement, for he thought and dreamt of nothing but going to
sea, and evinced the utmost detestation of the stage. Sometimes,
when boys were wanted in the play at Drury Lane, he was sent
for, and attended, for which he received a shilling per night;
but so great was his unwillingness and evident dissatisfaction
on such occasions, that Mr. Wroughton, the comedian, who, by
purchasing the property of Mr. Eang, became about this period*
proprietor of Sadler's "Wells, stepped forward in the boy's behalf,
and obtained for him a situation on board an East-Indiaman,
which then lay in the river, and was about to sail almost imme-

John was delighted when the prospect of realizing Ms ardent
wishes opened upon him so suddenly; but his raptures were
diminished by the discovery that an outfit was indispensable,
and that it would cost upwards of fifty pounds: a sum which,
it is scarcely necessary to say, his friends, in their reduced posi-
tion, could not command. But the same kind-hearted gentleman
removed this obstacle, and with a generosity and readiness
which enhanced the value of the gift an hundredfold, advanced,
without security or obligation, the whole sum required, merely
saying, " Mind, John, when yon come to be a captain you must
pay it me back again."

There is no difficulty in providing the necessaries for a voyage
to any part of the world when you have provided the first and
most important—money. In two days, John took his leave of

* Further inquiries enable us to prove that King transferred his right in
Sadler's AVells, to Messrs. Wroughton and Serjeant, at the close of the year 1782.