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36                         MEMOIRS 03? JOSEPH GBIMALDI.

great hit in a new part, his fame rapidly increased. At this
time he found a new acquaintance, which exercised a material
influence upon his comfort and happiness for many years. The
intimacy commenced thus:—

"When there was a rehearsal at Sadler's "Wells, his mother,
who was engaged there as well as himself, was in the habit of
remaking at the theatre all day, taking her meals in her dress-
ing-room, and occupying herself with needle-work. This she
had done to avoid the long walk in the middle of the day from
Sadler's Wells to Great Wild-street, and back again almost
directly. It became a habit; and when they had removed to
Penton-place, and consequently were so much nearer the theatre

the new Harlequinade Bnrletta, entitled "Venus's Girdle j or, the World
Bewitched," produced on the 1st of August in that year, Master Grimaldi
played the port of the Old Woman; his mother, Mrs, Brooker, Lady Simpleton.
These entertainments ran through the whole season.

It may not be out of place to notice that Philip Astley this year announced
as attractions at his Amphitheatre of Arts, Westminster Bridge, " The most
splendid Variety of Novel Amusements ever produced, and which have been
composed and arranged by the following celebrated persons,—viz.

« Mbns. Mercerot, principal Pastoral Dancer, Ballet Master, and Pantomime

" Mons. taurent, Performer of Action, Pierrot, and Pantomime Composer.

" Mr. "West, Ballet Master, principal Buffo Dancer, Clown, and Pantomime1

" Mr. Lassells "Williamson, Ballet Master/prinoipal Comic Dancer, Harlequin,
and Pantomime Composer. The above are the only Pupils of the late cele-
brated Signer Grimaldi.

The bills added, "Messrs. Astleys most respectfully beg leave to remark,
that there never was at any Public Place of Entertainment so many Ballet
Masters, Pantomime Composers, &c., engaged at one and the same time, pos-
sessing abilities! to the above performers; their exertions joined to those of
Messrs. Astleys, must enable them to give a greater variety than any other
Pnblic Place of Summer Amusement,"

Wiffismsan was not only the pupil of Signor Grimaldi, but was also his son-
in-law, having married Joe's sister, who was announced with him in the Sadler's
Wdla bills in 1781, as Miss Qrimaldij she was engaged with her husband as
Mrs. "Williamson at Astley's, and appears among the Wizards and Witches, in
the Dramatis Person* of the 6-rand Comic Pantomime, called "The Ma-
giaan of the Bocks; or, Harlequin in London," produced there on Whitsun
Monday, " Clown, Mr. West, after the manner of his old Master, Q-rimaldi," his head. Dubois, as Clown to the Pantomime, had no