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46                         MEMOIES OP JOSEPH GEIMAIDI.

sess quite a diplomatic relish- for negotiation, undertook and

There is no need to lengthen this part of his history, which,
however interesting, and most honourably so, to the old man
himself, who in the last days of his life looked hack with undi-
minished interest and affection to the early time when he first
became acquainted with the excellence of a lady, to whom he
was tenderly attached, and whose affection he never forgot or
trifled with, would possess but few attractions for the general-
reader. The main result is quickly told: he was lying on a sofa
next day, with his arm in a sling, when Miss Hughes visited
him, and did not affect to disguise her solicitude for his recovery ;
and, in short, by returning his affection, made him the happiest
man, or rather boy (for he was not yet quite sixteen), in the

There was only one thing that damped his joy, and this was,
Miss Hughes's firm and steadfast refusal to continue any corre-
spondence or communication with him unknown to her parents.
If or is it unnatural that this announcement should have occa-
sioned him some uneasiness, when their relative situations in
life are taken into consideration; Mr. Hughes being a man of
considerable property, and Grimaldi entirely dependent on his
own exertions for support.

He made use of every persuasion in his power to induce the
young lady to alter her determination j he failed to effect any-
thing beyond the compromise, that for the present she woxild
only mention their attachment to her mother, upon whose kind-
ness and secrecy she was certain she could rely. This was done,
and Mrs. Hughes, finding that her daughter's happiness de-
pended on her decision, offered no opposition, merely remarking
thai their extreme youth forbade all idea of marriage at that
time. Three years elapsed before Mr. Hughes was ma,de ac-
quainted with the secret.

After .this, his time passed away happily enough; he sawn admirably