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MEMOIRS OF JOSEPH GBIMAIDI.                         51

the thieves had condescended to leave, one of the first things-
Grimaldi chanced to light upon, was Miss Hughes's shawl.    .

" Maria's gift, at all events," he said, taking it up and giving
it a slight wave in his hand; when out fell a lozenge-box upon
the floor, much more heavily than a lozenge-hox with any ordi-
nary lozenges inside would do.

Upon this the mother clapped her hands, and set up a louder
scream than she had given vent to when she found the house

"My money! my money!" she screamed.

"It can't be helped, my dear madam," said everybody;
" think of poor Mrs. Lewis; she is quite as badly off."

" Oh, I don't mean that," was the reply. " Oh! thank
Heaven, they didn't find my money." So with many half-
frantic exclamations, she picked up the lozenge-box, and there,
sure enough, were thirty-seven guineas, (it was completely full,)
which had lain securely concealed beneath the shawl!

They sat down to supper; but although Mrs. Grimaldi* now
cheered up wonderfully, and quite rallied her friend upon her
low spirits, poor Mrs. Lewis, who had found no lozenge-box,
-was quite unable to overcome her loss. Supper over, and some
hot potations, which the fright had rendered absolutely neces-
sary, despatched, the friends departed, and the usual inmates of
the house were left alone to make such preparations for passing
the night as they deemed fitting.

They were ludicrous enough: upon comparing notes, it was
found that nobody could sleep alone, upon which they came
to the conclusion, that they had better all sleep in the same
room. For this purpose, a mattress was dragged into the front
parlour, upon which the two females bestowed themselves with-
out undressing; Lewis sat in an easy chair; and Grimaldi,
having loaded two pistols, wiped the sanguinary stains from the

* Mrs. Brooker.
,                                         E 2                                                     .en together. .,.,,.-..