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MEMOIRS OP JOSEPH GBIMAEDI.                         53

It was between two and three o'clock in the morning,—the
day was breaking, and the light increasing fast. He could
descry two men at the door heavily laden with something, but
with what he could not discern. All he could see was, that it
was not fire-arms, and that was a comfort.

" Hollo! hollo!" he shouted out of the window, displaying the
brace of pistols and the broadsword to the best advantage;
" what's the matter there ?" Here he coughed very fiercely, and
again demanded what was the matter.

"Why, sir," replied one of the men, looking up, and hold-
ing on his hat as he did so, "we thought we should never
wake ye."

" And what did you want to wake me for ?" was the natural
inquiry.                               ,

" "Why, the property!" replied both the men at the same
time.                                 .

" The what ?" inquired the master of the house, taking in the
broadsword, and ptttting the pistols on the window-sill.

" The property!" replied the two men, pettishly. "Here we
have been a-looking over the field all this time, and have found
the property."

'No further conversation .was necessary. The door was opened,
and the watchmen entered bearing two large sacks, which they
had stumbled on in the field, and the females, falling on their
knees before them, began xlragging forth their contents in an
agony of impatience. After a lengthened examination, it was
found that the sacks contained every article that had been taken
away; that not one, however trifling, was missing; and that
they had come into possession, besides, of a complete and exten-
sive assortment of house-breaking tools, including centre-bit,
picklock, keys, screws, dark lanterns, a file, and a crow-bar.
The watchmen were dismissed with ten shillings, and as many
thousand thanks, and the party breakfasted in a much more
comfortable manner than that in which they had supped on the
previous night.hing akin to that in which his well-