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Full text of "Memoirs Of Joseph Grimaldi"

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56                          MEMOIRS OP JOSEPH GEIMAXDI.

been most indefatigable; and it would have cost at least 2007. to
have replaced them by purchase. This unforeseen calamity put
a total stop to the fly-catching, so collecting together his nets,
and eases, and the only box which was not destroyed, he gave
them all away next day to an acquaintance who had a taste for
such things, and never more employed himself in a similar

After the lapse of a short time, the arrangements and precau-
tions infused renewed confidence into the inmates of the house,
and they began to feel more secure than they had yet done
since the robbery; a fortnight had now passed over, and they
strengthened tiiemselves with the reflection, that' the thieves
having met with so disagreeable a reception, one of them at least

'U              having been severely wounded, were very unlikely to renew the

*M             attempt.                .


But well founded as these :C5njeotares might seem, they
reckoned without their host, for on the third night, after the
girl's return, they made a fresh attack, for which we will re-

is an additional precaution,