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MEMOIRS 0]? JOSEPH GEIMAIDI.                          71

: had not seen them together, in the absence of any reply from
Mr. De Cleye, he ascended to the deck, and left the treasurer to
his meditations.

Upon the deck, on a green hench -with a hack to it, and arms
besides, there sat a neighbour, and a neighbour's wife, and the
neighbour's wife's sister, and a very pretty girl, who was the
neighbour's wife's sister's friend. There was just room for one
more on the bench, and they insisted upon Mr. Grrimaldi occu-
pying the vacant seat, which he readily did, for they were
remaining on deck to avoid the closeness of the cabin, and he
preferred the cold air of the night to the cold heart of Mr. De

So down he sat next to the pretty friend; and the pretty friend
being wrapped in a very large seaman's coat, it was suggested
by the neighbour, who was a wag in his way, that she ought to
lend a bit of it to Mr. Grrimaldi, who looked very cold. After a
great deal of blushing and giggling, the young lady put her left
arm through the left arm of the coat, and Grrimaldi put his right
arm through the right arm of the coat, to the great admiration
of the whole party, and after the manner in which, they show
the giants' coats at the fairs. They sat in this way during the
whole voyage, and Grrimaldi always declared that it was a very
comfortable way of travelling, as no doubt it is.

" Laugh away !" he said, as the party gave vent to their de-
light in bursts of merriment. " If we had only something here
to warm us internally as well as the great-coat does externally,
we would laugh all night."

" "What should you recommend for that purpose ?" asked the

"Brandy," said the friend.

" Then," rejoined the neighbour, "if you were a harlequin,
instead of a clown, you could not have conjured it up quicker."
And with these words, the neighbour, who was a plump, red-
faced, merry fellow, held up with both hands a large heavy stonehters subsequently distin-