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OF JOSEPH GffilMALDI,                          91

you for your kindness in informing me, althotigh I am not much,
wiser on the point than I was before."

• Exchanging bows with the stranger, they separated; the
young man mixing with, the crowd, and Grrimaldi turning back,
and going to the theatre by'the longest road, with the double
object of avoiding Old Lucas and keeping out of the way of the
mad ox.

Having to attend to his business immediately on Ms arrival
at the theatre, the circumstance escaped his memory, nor did it
occur to him again until he returned thither in the evening,
shortly before the performances commenced, when being re-
minded of it by some accidental occurrence, he related the morn-
ing's conversation to some of his more iinmediate associates,
among whom were Dubois, a celebrated comic actor, another
performer of the name of Davis, and Richer, a very renowned
rope-dancer. His communication, however, elicited no more
sympathetic reception than a general burst of laughter, which
having subsided, they fell to bantering the unfortunate object of
Old Lucas's machinations.

" That lellow Lucas," said Dubois, assuming a grave face, " is
a most confirmed scoundrel; he would stick at nothing, not
even at Joe's life, to gain a few pounds, or perhaps even a few
. shillings."

Joe looked none the happier for this observation, and another
friend took up the subject,

"Lucas,—Lucas," said Richer; "that is the old man who
wears spectacles, isn't it ?"                                      ,

" That's the man," replied Dubois; " the constable, you know.
He hasn't written your name down in his book for nothing, Joe,
take my word for that."

" Precisely my opinion," said Davis; " he means to make a
regular property out of him. Don't be frightened, Joe, that's all."

These prophetic warnings had a very serious effect,upon the
spirits of the party principally interested,—which his comT
panions perceiving, hastened to carry on the joke, by_ givingmed. Grimaldi. " "What on earth