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vent to sundry other terrible surmises upon the particular crime
with which the officer meant to charge Mm; one suggesting
that it was murder, another that he thought it was forgery,
(which made no great difference in the end, the offence being
punished with the same penalty,) and a third good-naturedly
remarking that perhaps it might not be quite so bad, after all,
although certainly Lucas did possess such weight with the
magistrates, that it was invariably two to one against the unfor-
tunate person whom he charged with any offence.

Although he was at no loss to discern and appreciate the
raillery of his friends, Gfrimaldi could not divest himself of some
nervous apprehensions connected with the adventure of the
morning: when, just as he was revolving in Ms mind all the im-
probabilities of the officer's entertaining any designs against
him, one of the messengers of the theatre abruptly entered the
room in wMch they were all seated, and announced that Mr.
Grimaldi was wanted directly at the stage-door.

" Who wants me ?" inquired Grimaldi, turning rather pale.

" It's a person in spectacles," replied the messenger, looking
at the rest of the company, and hesitating.

" A person in spectacles!" echoed the other, more agitated than
before. " Did he give you Ms name, or do you know who he is ?"

" 0 yes, I know who he is," answered the messenger, with
something between a smile and a gasp:" it's Old Lucas."

Upon tMs, there arose a roar of laughter, in which the mes-
senger joined. Grimaldi was quite petrified, and stood rooted
to the spot, looking from one to another with a face in wMch
dismay and fear were visibly depicted.

Having exhausted themselves with laughing, his companions,
regarding Ms unhappy face, began to grow serious, and Dubois

"Joe, my boy, a joke's a joke, you know. "We have had one
with you, and that was all fair enough, and it's all over; but if
there is anything really serious in tMs matter, we will prove. " "What on earth