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04                        MEMOIES OF JOSEPH GBIMALDI.

by the speaker's companions, but by several idlers who had
gathered round.

" I'm not a-talking to you, Mr. Dubois," said Lucas, as soon
as he could make himself heard;—"Mr. Gfrimaldi's my man.
iNow, sir, will you come along with me ?"

" ]NTot without a warrant," said the rope-dancer.

" Ifot without a warrant," added Davis.

"Sot upon any consideration whatever," said Dubois.

" Don't attempt to touch him without a warrant; or—"

" Or what?" inquired Lucas; "or what, Mr. Dubois ? eh, sir!"

The answer was lost in a general chorus of " The River!"

This intimation, pronounced in a very determined manner,
had a visible effect upon the officer, who at once assuming a
more subdued tone, said,

" Fact is, that I've not got a warrant; (a shout of derision;)
fact is, it's not often that I'm asked for warrants, because people
generally knows that I'm in. authority, and thinks that's suffi-
cient. (Another.) However, if Mr. Gfrimaldi and his friends
press flie objection, I shall not urge; his going with me now, pro-
vided he promises and they promises on his behalf to attend at
Hatton Garden Office, afore Mr. Blamire, at eleven o'clock to-
morrow morning."

This compromise was at once acceded to, and Old Lucas turned
to go away; but he did not entirely escape even upon this occa-
sion, for while the above conversation was going forward at the
door, the muster of people collected' around had increased to a
pretty large concourse. The greater part of them knew by sight
both. Grrimaldi and the constable; and as the latter was about to
depart, the lookers-on pressed round him, and a voice from the
crowd cried out, '' What's the matter, Joe ?"

"The matter is this, gentlemen," said Dubois, returning to
•the top of the steps, and speaking with great vehemence and
gesticulation:-—" This rascal, gentlemen," pointing to the
constable, "wants to drag Joe Grrimaldi to prison, gentlemen."in tMs matter, we will prove. " "What on earth