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98                          MEMOIRS OF JOSEPH Q-BIMAU)!.

Not a tit daunted, Old Lucas darted upon him, dragged him
from his seat, and attempted to force him towards the door; in
doing which he managed to tear his waistcoat and shirt-collar
literally to rihands. Until then he had remained quite cool,
merely acting upon the defensive ; hut now he gave way to his
rage, and fulfilled his threat to the letter hy giving him a blow
which felled him to the ground, and caused his nose to bleed in
a manner neither sentimental nor picturesque.

He, however, immediately rose again, and producing his staff,
was about, thus strengthened, to renew the combat, when a
gentleman who chanced to he sitting in the room, a stranger to
the party, rose, and drawing from his pocket a silver staff, shook
it at Lucas, and said, "I will have no more of this violence!
Let all parties adjourn to the Police-office; and if Mr. Grimaldi's
tale he true, and your purpose be merely that of endeavouring
to extort money, as I have no doubt it is, I will take care that
things be laid properly before the magistrate."

Lucas, who appeared to succumb before the vision of the silver
staff, surlily assented, and they all presently presented them-
selves for the second time that day before Mr. Blamire, who was
greatly astonished at their reappearance, and greatly surprised
at the altered appearance of Old Lucas's face. The magistrate,
moreover, seemed to know the silver-staffed gentleman very
veil,, and greeted him cordially.

" Well," said Mr. Blamire, after the bustle of entrance had
ceased, "what's the matter, now? Speak, you, Lucas !"

"Tour worship/' said the person called upon, "Mr. Grimaldi
was fined five shillings just now, and had to pay one for his.
discharge, all of which he left the office without doing."

"Indeed!—is that true?" inquired the magistrate of the
clerk, in an under tone.

" 2fo, sir," replied the latter, with a slight but meaning
" G-o on, sir," said Mr. Blamire, addressing Lucas. the King of