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MEMOIBS (HP JOSEPH GBOIAU)!.                         99

Lucas was a little ahashed at the " aside" confab between the
magistrate and his clerk; but, affecting not to hear it, he con-
tinued, " Of course, therefore, he still remained my prisoner ;
and I followed him, and insisted upon his paying the money.
This he refused: I therefore collared him, for the purpose of
making him return here, and in so doing I tore Ms shirt and
waistcoat. The moment he perceived I had done so, he-----"

Lucas paused for an instant, and Mr. Blamire filled up the
sentence by saying—

" He gave you a blow on the nose ?"

" Exactly so, sir," said Lucas, eagerly.

"And very well you merited it," added the magistrate, in a
tone which caused a general roar of laughter. " Well, Mr.
Grimaldi, let us hear what you have to say."

He briefly recounted the circumstances; and when he had
finished, the unknown with the silver staff advanced and corro-
borated the statement, making several severe remarks upon the
private intentions and violent manner of Lucas.

" "Who," says Grrimaldi, with profound respect and an air of
great mystery, — "Who this gentleman was, I never could
ascertain; but that he was a person possessing a somewhat high
degree of authority was evident to me from the great respect
paid to him at the Police-office. Some one afterwards told me
he was a city marshal, possessing power to exercise his authority
without the city; but I know not whether he was so or not."

After this disguised potentate had given his testimony, which
rendered the matter conclusive, Mr. Blamire said, " Place
Lucas at the bar;" which being done, the magistrate proceeded
to mulct bim in a penalty of five pounds, the money to go to
the poor of the parish, and likewise ordered him to make
Grimaldi every necessary reparation and amendment for the
results of his violence.

On this sentence being pronounced, Old Lucas foamed at the
mouth in a manner not unlike the over-driven ox, the original
H 2, addressing Lucas. the King of