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100                        MEMOIRS OF JOSEPH GKTMAIDI.

canse of his disaster, and protested, with many disrespectful oaths
and other ehnllitions of anger, that he would not pay one far-
thing ; npon which the magistrate, nothing daunted, com-
manded him to he locked up forthwith, which was done to the
great delight and admiration, not only of the friends and other
spectators, hut of the officers also, who, besides being in duty
bound to express their admiration of all the magistrate did,
participated in the general dislike of Old Lucas, as the persons
best acquainted with his perjury and villany.

The friends once again bade the magistrate good morning, and
soon afterwards dispersed to their several homes. They heard
next day that Old Lucas, after having been under lock and key
for six hours, the whole of which time he devoted to howls and
imprecations, paid the fine. A few hours after he was set at
liberty, he wrote a very penitent letter to Gfrimaldi, expressing
his great regret for what had occurred, and his readiness to pay
for the spoiled shirt and waistcoat, upon being made acquainted
with the amount of damage done. Grrimaldi thought it better
to let the matter remain where it did, thinking that, setting the
broken nose against the torn shirt and waistcoat, Lucas was
already sufficiently punished.

And after this,'f Old Lucas " never did anything more terrible,
connected with the Sadler's Wells company, at least, and, there
is reason to believe, shortly afterwards lost his situation.
Whether he did so or not is no great matter, further than that
he appears to have been a most unfit personage to have been
intrusted with any species of authority.

Jromthis time forward, for several months, all went merry as
& marriage bell. On the nth of May following the little adven-
ture just recorded, the marriage bell went too, for he was
married to Miss Maria Hughes, at St. George's, Hanover-square,
with the full consent and approbation of the young lady's
parents, and to the unbounded joy of bis own mother, by whom
he had been, from her earliest youth, beloved as her daughter.Mynheer Bed Beard, Mr. Gomery ; Dutch