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inaioras OF JOSEPH G&racAiDi.                   101

Five days after the wedding, the young couple paid their first
visit to Mr. and Mrs. Hughes. After sitting a short time, Q-rimaldi
left his wife there and went to the theatre, where a rehearsal in
which he was wanted had heen called for that morning. Upon
entering the yard of Sadler's Wells, in which the different mem-
bers of the company were strolling about until the rehearsal
commenced, he was accosted by Eicher, with, "Joe, may I in-
quire the name of the lady with whom I saw you walking just

" Nay, you need not ask him," cried Dubois ; " I can tell you.
It was Miss Maria Hughes."

" I beg your pardon," interrupted Grrimaldi; " that is not the
lady's name."

"No!" exclaimed Dubois. ""Why, I could have sworn it
was Miss Hughes."

"You would have sworn wrong, then," replied he. "The
lady's name was Hughes once, I grant; but on Friday last I
changed it to Grimaldi."

His friends were greatly surprised at this intelligence; but
they lost no time in disseminating it throughout the theatre.
Congratulations poured in upon him; and so great was the
excitement occasioned by the fact of " Joe Grimaldi's marriage"
becoming known, that the manager, after vainly endeavouring
to proceed with the rehearsal, gave up the task, and dismissed
the company for that morning. In the evening they had a
supper at the theatre to commemorate the event; and on the
following Sunday, Joe gave a dinner to the carpenters of the
theatre, for the same purpose. In the long-run all the members
of the establishment, from the highest to the lowest, participated
in the long-expected happiness of their single-hearted and good-
natured comrade.

In the summer of this year, he lost a guinea wager in a some-
what ludicrous manner—in a manner sufficiently ludicrous to
justify in this place the narration of the joke which gave rise to, at St. George's, Hanover-square,