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MEMOIES OF JOSEPH GEISIALBI.                        105

not an inch of Ms fierceness, kept the pistol pointed at the
countryman; and the coitntryman followed on behind at an easy
pace on the opposite side of the road, continuing to exchange
most expressive pantomime with one of its best professors, and
to reciprocate, as nearly as he could, all the nods and winks
and shrugs with which Grimaldi affected to deplore the situation
of his unhappy friend. And so they went into Dartford. "When
they reached the town, the Mend resumed Ms seat, and Gximaldi
paid the guinea. The instant the pistol barrel was withdrawn,
the countryman set spurs to Ms horse, and scoured through
the town to the great astonishment of its inhabitants, at full

The success of tMs guinea wager put the friend upon telling
a story of a wager of Sheridan's wMch was much talked of at
the time, and ran thus :—

George the Fourth, when Prince of "Wales, used occasionally
to spend certain hmirs of the day in gazing from the windows of
a club-house in St. James's-street:—of course he was always
surrounded by some of Ms chosen companions, and among these
Sheridan, who was then the Drury Lane lessee, was ever first and
foremost. The Prince and Sheridan in these idle moments had
frequently remarked among the passers backwards and forwards,
a young woman who regularly every day carried through the
street a heavy load of crockery-ware, and who, the Prince
frequently remarked, must be possessed of very great strength
and dexterity to be able to bear so heavy a burden with so much
apparent ease, and to carry it in tke midst of such a crowd of
passengers without ever stumbling.

One morning, as usual, she made her appearance in the street
from Piccadilly, and Sheridan called the Prince's attention to
the circumstance.

" Here she is," said Sheridan.

" "Who ?" inquired the Prince.

" The crockery-ghi," replied Sheridan; " and more heavily
laden than ever."on. Grimaldi humoured the notion