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HO                        MEMOIES OP JOSEPH GEXMALDI.

last words she uttered.   They were addressed to her brother.
A few minutes afterwards, he sat beside a corpse.

They found in her pocket-book a few pencilled, lines, beneath
which she had written her wish that when she died they might
be inscribed above her grave:

Earth walks on Earth like glittering gold ;
Earth says to Earth, WTe are but mould:
Earth builds on Earth castles and towers ;
Earth says to Earth, All shall be ours.

They were placed upon the tablet erected to her memory. She
died on the 18th of October, 1799, and was buried in the family
vault of Mr. Hughes, at St. James's, Clerkenwell.*

In the first passion of his grief the widower went-distracted.
Nothing but the constant attention and vigilance of his friends,
who never left him alone, would have prevented his laying
violent hands upon his life. There were none to console him,
except with sympathy, for his friends were hers, and all mourned
no common loss.

Mr. Richard Hughes, the brother, never forgot his sister's
dying words, but proved himself under all circumstances and at
all times Grrimaldi's firm and steady friend. The poor fellow
haunted the scenes of his old hopes and happiness for two
months, and was then summoned to the theatre to set the
audience in a roar; and chalking over the seams which mental
agony had worn in his face, was hailed with boisterous applaixse
in the merry Christmas pantomime !

The title of this pantomime, which was produced at Drury
Ban^was, "Harlequin Amulet; or, the Magic of Mona;" it was
written by Mr. Powell, and produced under the superintendence

.* Jfiss Maria Hughes, eldest daughter of Mr. Richard Hughes, proprietor of
one fourth of Sadler's Wells, of which theatre he was also the resident manager,
was married to Joe in 1800, and on October 18, in the same year, died in child-
birth, in the twenty-fifth year of her age. She was not interred in the family,"
Twalt, butia the graveyard of St. James's on ClerkenweU Green.lly withdrawing his head from,