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manufactured for him the best Scaramouch dress he ever wore.
The assurances which were given the artist at the time that
his abilities lay in the theatrical way were not without good
foundation, for two years afterwards he left Rochester, came to
London, and became principal master-tailor at Covent Grarden
Theatre. He held the situation for some years, and then,
removed to Drury Lane and filled the same office, which he still
continues to hold.

On the second night, the house was filled in every part, and a
great number of persons were turned away. On the following
evening, on which he made his last appearance, and repeated
the part of Scaramouch together with that of Clown; the orchestra
was turned into boxes, seats were fitted up on every inch of
available room behind the scenes, and the receipts exceeded in.
amount those of any former occasion.

At another supper that night with Mrs. Baker, he made an
arrangement to join her company for a night or two, at Maid-
stone, in the following March, provided his London engagements
would admit of his doing so. They were not at aE behindhand
with the money; for, at eight o'clock next morning, "Bony
Long" repaired to his lodgings, taking with him an account of
the two nights5 receipts, Gximaldi's share whereof came to 160,
which was at once paid over to him, down upon the nail, all in
three-shilling pieces. This was an addition to his baggage which
he had not expected, and he was rather at a loss how to convey
his loose silver up to town, when he was relieved by a tavern-
keeper, who being as glad to take the silver as Grimaldi was to
get notes, very soon made the exchange, to the satisfaction of all
parties. Having had this satisfactory settlement with the old
lady, Grimaldi took his leave, and returned to town, not at all
displeased with the success which had attended Ms first pro-
fessional excursion from London.

At Christmas, "HarlecpinAmulet" was revivedatDrury Lane,
in place of a new pantomime, ami ran. without, interruption, till respectable draper and