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MEMOIRS OS JOSEPH GBEHAHJI.                        119

Drury Lane; and, in that theatre, on the first day of the ensuing
season, he was formally introduced by Sheridan to John Ennoble,
then stage-manager. By the latter he was not immediately
recognised, although Kemble evidently remembered haying seen
him somewhere; bnt, after a time, plainly devoted to conside-
ration, he said—

" Oh,—ah, ah ! I recollect now. Ton, sir, you are the gen-
tleman who suddenly went into the grave, and forgot to come
out again, I think ?"

Davis admitted the fact without equivocation, and hastened
to apologise for his ill-timed jesting. The affair was related to
Sheridan, to whom, it is needless to say, it afforded the most
unbounded delight, and all three joining in a hearty laugh,
dismissed the subject.

When " Harlequin Amulet" was withdrawn, there was very
little for Q-rimaldi to do during the rest of the season. On the
4th of March, therefore, in pursuance of his previous arrange-
ment, he joined the old lady at Maidstone, and was announced
for Scaramouch.

The announcement of his name excited an unwonted sensation
in this quiet little town. As early as half-past four o'clock in
the afternoon, the street in front of the theatre was rendered
quite impassable by the vast crowd of persons that surrounded
the doors. Mrs. Baker, who had never beheld such a scene in
her life-time, became at first very much delighted, and then very
much frightened. After some consideration, she despatched a
messenger for an extra quantity of constables, and upon their
arrival, threw the doors open at once, previously placing herself
in the pay-box, according to custom, to take the money.

" Now, then, pit or box, pit or gallery, box or pit f" was her
constant and uninterrupted cry.

" Pit, pit!" from half-a-dozen voices, the owners clinging to
the little desk to prevent themselves from being carried away by
the crowd before they had paid.es, and being struck with his talents, (he was con-