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MEMOIRS OF JOSJEPH GBIHALDI.                        121

from the press, than men on horseback were immediately de-
spatched with them to Canterbury, about which city the whole
impression was circulated and posted before nine o'clock. The
old lady had theatres at Rochester, Maid stone, and Canterbury,
besides many other towns in the circuit, and the size of the
whole being very nearly the same, the scenery which was suit-
able to one fitted them all. Early in the morning, the whole
company left Maidstone for Canterbury, whither Gnimaldi fol-
lowed in a post-chaise at Ms leisure. When he arrived there
about one o'clock, everything was ready; no rehearsal was ne-
cessary, for there were the same performers, the same musicians,
scene-shifters, and lamp-lighters. Having inspected the box-
book, which notified that every takeable seat in the house was
taken, he retired to Mrs, Baker's sitting-room, which was the
very model of the one at Maidstone and at Rochester too, and
found a good dinner awaiting his arrival. Here he was, and
here they all were, in the city of Canterbury, about twenty miles
from Maidstone, at one o'clock in the day, with the same scenery,
dresses, decorations, and transformations as had been in use at
the latter theatre late over-night, surrounded by the same actors,
male and female, and playing in the same pieces which had been
represented by the same men and women, and the same adjuncts,
fourteen hours before at Maidstone.

He played here two nights, as had been agreed upon, to very
nearly the same houses as at Maidstone; the first night's cash
being 151Z. 3s., and the second 15QI. 17s., of which he
received 1551. 9s. Gd. Early the next morning he returned to
London with 31 ll. 6s. 6d. in his pocket, the profits he had
acquired during an absence from the metropolis of only four
days' duration.

Shortly after his return to town, and about a week before
Easter, he saw with great astonishment that it was announced,
or, to use the theatrical term, " underlined," in the Drury Lane
bills, that " Harlequin Amulet" would be revived at Easter, andeneficial an effect upon the treasurys instructions,