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1802 to 1803.

Hard work to counterbalance great gains—His discharge from Drury Lane, and
Ms discharge at Sadler's Wells—His return to the former house—Monk
Lewis—Anecdote of him and Sheridan, and of Sheridan and the Prince of
Wales—Grimaldi gains a Son and loses all his capital.

THE "Great Devil" came out on Easter Monday,* and its
success entailed upon Grimaldi no inconsiderable degree of
trouble and fatigue. He played two parts in it, and, to say
nothing of such slight exertions as acting and fighting, had to
change his dress no fewer than nineteen times in the progress of
the piece. It made a great noise, and ran the whole season

As we had occasion to notice in the last chapter the ease with
which he acquired a large sum of money by his professional
exertions, and as we may hare to describe other large gains
hereafter, it may not be amiss to show in this place how much
of fatigue and harassing duty those exertions involved, and
how much of bodily toil and fatigue he had to endure before
those gains could be counted.

At Sadler's Wells he commenced the laboxir of the evening by

* Sadler's "Wells Theatre, the interior of which had been wholly rebuilt since
Ihe close of the season, in 1801, opened on Easter Monday, April 19, 1802, with
an occasional Burletta Prelude, entitled "Old Sadler's Ghost;" a new Comic
Dance, called " The Jew Cobbler," in which M. Joubert, from Paris, as prin-
cipal dancer, made Ms first appearance in England; the Serio-Comic Pantomime
of " The Great Devil," with alterations and new dresses; and an entirely new
Comic Pantomime, called " Harlequin. Greenlander; or, The Whale Fishery."
In " The Great Devil," Bologna, jnn., after an absence of eight years, played the
part of Satani, the Great Devil. Eudolpho, Mons. Gouriet; Nicola, Mr.
Grimaldi; Count Ludovico, Mr. Hartiand; Bridget, Mrs. Davis; the Countess,
Madame St. Amand.st, thereced,