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MEHOE&S OF JOSEPH GBIMALDI,                          127

the Sadler's "Wells season is over, and stop there until it recom-
mences. You shall have four pounds a week all the time, and a
clear benefit. It will he strange if this does not turn out better
for you than your present engagement at Drury Lane."

He accepted the terms so kindly offered, without a moment's
hesitation, and determining to be guided by the advice of Mr.
Hughes, thought no more about the matter.

At Sadler's "Wells the summer season went on very briskly until
August, when a circumstance occurred which impeded the course
of his success for some time, and might have been attended with
much more dangerous consequences. He played the first lieu-
tenant- of a band of robbers in the before-mentioned " Great
Devil," * and in one scene had a pistol secreted in his boot,
which, at a certain point of interest, he drew forth, presented at
some of the characters on the stage, and fired off, thus producing
what is technically termed an effect; in the production of which
on the evening of the 14th of August, he very unintentionally
presented another effect, the consequences of which confined him
to Ms bed for upwards of a month. "While he was in the act of
drawing out the pistol, the trigger by some accident caught in the
loop of the boot, into which (the muzzle being downwards) its
contents were immediately discharged. The boot itself puffed
out to a great size, presenting a very laughter-moving appear-
ance to everybody but the individual in it, who was suffering the

* The " Great Devil" ceased to be played at Sadler's Wells the last week in
May, 1802; the aeeidentparticularized as having occurred on the 14thof August,
was, therefore, not during the performance of that piece, but on the last night
of the pantomime of "St. George," in which it was announced would be
presented several unexampled and unparalleled combats, exclusive of the
combat with the Dragon, which involves St. George in. a shower of fire: the
consequences, however, did not "confine him to his bed for upwards of a
month," as the bill of Monday, August 30, mentions the performance of the new
serio-comic Pantomime of " Zoa," in which would be performed an extraor-
dinary combat of sis, by Bologna, jun., Grimaldi, Gattie, Hartland, and others,
to conclude with, fourth time, " The "Wizard's Wake; or, Harlequin's Begener-
ation;" Harlequin, Mr. Bologna, jun.; Merlin, Mr. Gattie; Clown, Mr.
Grimaldi.House. De Cleve occupied the irooms on the second floor