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MEMOIBS OF JOSEPH GBIMALDI.                        135

trifles as " a few hundred pounds" were scarcely deserving of
being named.

Grrimaldi had never touched the five hundred and odd pounds
which he had picked up on Tower-hill, "but had added enough
to make six hundred in all. This sum he hastened to place
"before his friend, assuring him, with great sincerity, that if he
had possessed double or trehle the amount, he would have been
happy to have lent it Mm with the greatest readiness. The
merchant expressed the gratification he derived from his friend-
ship, and giving him a hill for the money at three months1 date,
shook his hand warmly, and left him.

The bill was dishonoured; the merchant became bankrupt,
left England for America, and died upon the passage out. And
thus the contents of the net purse and the bundle of notes were
lost as easily as they were gained, with the addition of some
small savings besides. have an