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messenger informed him that two gentlemen "were waiting to see
Mm at the stage-door. Afraid of keeping the stage waiting, he
enjoined the messenger to tell the gentlemen that he was
engaged at that moment, hut that he would come down to them
directly he left the stage. The play was "A Bold Stroke for a
"Wife :" Miss Mellon was Anne; Bannister, Feignwell; Aitkin,
Simon Pure ; and Grimaldi, Aminadah.

As soon as he could get away from the stage, he hurried down
stairs, and inquiring who wanted him, was introduced to two
strangers, who were patiently awaiting his arrival. They were
young men of gentlemanly appearance, and upon hearing the
words, "Here's Mr. Grimaldi—who wants him?" one of them
turned hastily round, and warmly accosted him.

He looked about his own age, and had evidently been accus-
tomed to a much warmer climate than that of England. He
wore the fashionable evening-dress of the day—that is to say, a
blue body-coat with gilt buttons, a -white waistcoat, and tight
pantaloons—and carried in Ms hand a small gold-headed

" Joe, my lad!" exclaimed this person, holding out Ms hand,
in some agitation, " how goes it with you now, old fellow ?"

He was not a little surprised at tMs familiar address from a
person whom he was not conscious of ever having seen in his
life, and, after a moment's pause, replied that he really had not
the pleasure of the stranger's acquaintance.

" Not the pleasure of my acquaintance!" repeated the
stranger, with a loud laugh. " Well, Joe, that seems funny,
anyhow!" He appealed to Ms companion, who concurred in the
opinion, and they both laughed heartily. TMs was all very
funny to the strangers, but not at all so to Grrimaldi : he had a
vague idea that they were rather laughing at than with him,
and as much offended as surprised, was turning away, when the
person who had spoken first said, in rather a tremulous voice,

" Joe, don't you know me now r"as then the man; seeing the water, off he bolted, and they to a man followed