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OP JOSEPH GBIMALDI.                        149

mainder of their lives ; they -were duldren when it commenced,
playing about the street in the morning, and at the theatre at

The signer and his family remained at Sadler's "Wells •until
1793, when Mr. Harris engaged him and his children (his wife
had died hefore this time) at Covent Garden, where they re-
mained for several years; Bologna playing during the summer
months at the Surrey Circus, as Gbimaldi used to act at Sadler's
"Wells. In 1801 he left Covent Garden, and in 1803 the Circus ;
upon the conclusion of the latter engagement, he was immedi-
ately secured for the ensuing season at Sadler's "Wells, where he
reappeared on Easter Monday in 1804. During the many
years which had passed away since he closed his first engagement
at Sadler's "Wells, he and Grimaldi had "been necessarily pre-
vented "by their different occupations from seeing much of each
other; "but being now once more engaged at the same theatre,
their old intimacy was renewed. Their wives becoming at-
tached to each other, and their engagements being pretty much
the same, they were constantly at each other's houses, or in each
other's society. They met with a droll adventure in company,
which may as well be related in this place.

Drury Lane closed in June and reopened on the 4th of Oc-
tober ; but, as usual, Grimaldf s services were not required until

Signer Bologna and. Ms Children;" these were his sons, John and. Louis.
Bologna and Ms family left the Wells at the close of the season, 1794; and at
Easter, 1795, the -whole were employed at Jones's Boyal Circus. In the Pan-
tomime of " The Magic Feast," in September, Signor Bologna played Pantaloon;
his son, John, afterwards distinguished in the hills as Mr. Bologna, jun., played
Harlequin; and the Signer's wife, Mrs. Bologna, a fishwoman.

Jack Bologna returned to Sadler's WeHs, after an absence of eight years, on
Easter Monday, April 19, 1802. He played Satani, in " The Great Devil; or,
The Bobber of Genoa ;" and for some years was Harlequin to Joe's Clown, both
at Covent Garden Theatre and Sadler's "Wells, with what reputation thousands
even now can attest. Subsequently Joe and he became allied: Bologna having
married Louisa Maria Bristow, sister of Grimaldi's second wife, Mary Bristow.whose celebrity afterwards as a traveller