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156                       MEMOIRS OF JOSEPH GEIMALDI.

much delighted, and vented so many knowing winks, that for
very life they could not help laughing outright.

On the following morning, Bologna and Grrimaldi encountered
each other "by chance in Covent Garden. Grrimaldi had "been to
Drury Lane to see if he were wanted, and Bologna had heen
into the Strand, in which, dnring the winter months, when he
was not engaged at any theatre, he had an exhibition. They
langhed heartily at meeting, as the recollection of the day
previous, and its adventures came upon them, and finally
adjourned to the Garrick's Head, in Bow-street, to have a glass
of sherry and a hiscuit, and once more talk the matter over.
The house was then kept by a man of the name of Spencer, who
had formerly been harlequin at Drury Lane, but who, having
left the profession, had turned Boniface instead. He was
standing at the door when they arrived, and all three being
upon intimate terms, was invited to join in a glass of wine; to
this he readily assented, and they adjourned to his private
room, where the Kentish adventures: were related, to his great
amusement and pleasure.

"By the by, though," he said, when the.merriment was
pretty well over, " I wish you had happened to mention to me
that you wanted a few days' shooting, for I could have procured
that for you with the greatest ease. I was born at Hayes, and
all my relatives live in Zent; besides, I know pretty well
every gamekeeper in the county;—in fact, when in town they
invariably come to this house, and would have been delighted
to have obliged any friend of mine."

" Ah!" said Bologna, " and in that case we should have had
birds to shoot at, and not pigeons."

Here Mr. Spencer indulged in a laugh which was interrupted
by the entrance of a young man, who, though unknown to
Bologna and Grrimaldi, appeared well acquainted with the land-
lord, who, after shaking him warmly by the hand and biddingneighbourhood, whichni, in " The Great Devil; or,